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Steve Martin

Member since 1999

Occupation: Editor

Steve isn’t the tallest, or the shortest, or the oldest, or the youngest, or the funniest, or the seriousest, or the smartest, or the dumbest member of ONE SIZE FITS ALL. He is the Steveiest, however, and that has to count for something. He wishes he were the Martinest (darn you, Fernandez!) but he’s learned to accept his limitations.

Steve averages 1.7 typos in his e-mail messages, and he wishes to apologize to Mrs. Carp for that unfortunate incident in 2005. He thanks her for deferring the settlement on the libel charge until 2011.

There is nothing more to say about Steve. Stop reading now. No, seriously, stop it. You’re just wasting precious time reading the remainder of this paragraph. You could be curing cancer for pete’s sake, or calling a loved one and expressing your true feelings to them and making their day a happy one. You selfish lout. Stop reading.