The Longest Running Comedy Show in Lafayette, Indiana

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Martin Fernandez

Member since 2005

Occupation: High School English Teacher

Martin is honored to be a part of the One Size Fits All troupe! Originally from Chesterton, Ind., Martin moved to the Lafayette area in 2000 to pursue his teaching profession at Jefferson High School where he has been an English teacher for the past 12 years. Previously, he was a teacher at North Newton High School for seven years. He completed his master’s degree in education at Purdue in 2002 and taught a class in English education at the university. Martin has always loved the theater and has been in numerous productions at the high school and college level and also at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette. In addition, Martin is also the theater manager and English department specialist at JHS. Martin has had a chance to hone his improv talent as the emcee at several holiday and spring shows as well as the lip sync at JHS.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin