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Laurie Russell

Member since 1997

Occupation: Preschool Teacher

Tightly squeeze Laurie Russell repeatedly to soften her, before you even cut Laurie Russell open. Don't forget to wash Laurie Russell thoroughly, cut her into halves and take seeds out after that. Gently separate the contents from Laurie Russell using a paring knife. Cut circularly around Laurie Russell. This will actually make your workload easier later as the juices will come off quickly. Grip one half of Laurie Russell tightly and squeeze directly into the glass or pitcher. Continue squeezing until all the juice is out of Laurie Russell. Scrape Laurie Russell with a spoon and add fruit directly to juice for additional pulp. Put juice through strainer for less pulp. Refrigerate immediately. After about 2-3 hours, enjoy your refreshing and preservative-free Laurie Russell juice!