The Longest Running Comedy Show in Lafayette, Indiana

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Kat Braz

Member since 2003

Occupation: Creative Director

Kat is the oldest and bossiest of three children. She was raised in Wyoming and moved to Indiana to attend Purdue in 1997. She owes everything in her life to the HORT 101 professor that failed her by 10 measly points in her senior year. It forced her to stay an extra semester in Lafayette which led to adopting a cat, taking a job and buying a house in the area.

She has visited 47 of the 50 states, has never watched a movie trilogy, is allergic to sports, and would forsake all other desserts for cake of any kind except carrot, spice or crumb. She’s proud to serve as president of the local chapter of the John Wayne Fan Club. And she pronounces it La-FI-yette.