The Longest Running Comedy Show in Lafayette, Indiana

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Doug Pruim

Member since 2007

Occupation: Communication Instructor

Doug’s greatest aspiration in life is to make people laugh. He believes in the profound words of Henry Ward Beecher, “Humor is the place in which grace most flourishes.” Throughout his life, Doug has tried to emulate his heroes of humor and the comic geniuses of history. Doug has researched the subject of humor, written papers on the philosophy of humor and amassed a library on the theoretical study of humor. Doug led a comedy troupe in college, taught improv classes, performed in comedic plays, and wrote several plays himself.

Given his obsession with the subject, Doug should be an icon of the comedy world; however, this sadly shall never be. Tragically, Doug Pruim was born without a sense of humor. Despite his disability, Doug labors on, hoping someday to make someone laugh. In an act of pure generosity, the members of OSFA have decided to help Doug in his search for the cure. On an unrelated note, Doug is also lactose intolerant.