The Longest Running Comedy Show in Lafayette, Indiana

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Upcoming Show: Family Friendly Show! Saturday, February 10 at Civic Theatre, 5th and North Streets

Improv classes for kids and adults

One Size Fits All is offering improv comedy classes at the Morton Community Center
through the West Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department!

Learn more about our improv classes in Morton's Winter/Spring 2018 brochure.
Register online or call Morton at (765) 775-5120 to get signed up.

One Size Fits All Improv Troupe

One Size Fits All is Lafayette/West Lafayette’s own friendly neighborhood comedy improv troupe performing regularly at the Lafayette Brewing Company (ages 21 and over) and at the Historic Monon Depot Theatre – fun for the entire family!

The players flex their comedic muscles for laughs as they make up scenes, games, and songs right on the spot based on suggestions from you: the lovely and well-dressed audience.

Ever wanted to see Mr. T sing a duet with a yeti at the Taj Mahal? You just might get your chance – and ... there is always a chance you might get pulled up on stage!

Much like fragile and delicate snowflakes, no two shows are ever alike – because they are all made up on the spot based on audience suggestions!

Come be a part of the fun at our next show!